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If you’re looking for a furry friend in Adelaide, South Australia, here’s where you’ll find one. Whichever breed you’re looking to make your new companion, German Shepherd, Husky, Shih Tzu, or Labrador, you can find a breeder through this site. Buying a puppy in Adelaide or has never been easier.
Finding the right companion for you can be a big decision. It is important to make sure you find a suitable pet that is healthy and from a certified breeder. It is recommended that any animal that you purchase is bred for good temperament and has no known medical issues. We also want to make sure the new member of your family is the right fit and meets your requirements. We want to make sure every person that is seeking out a new furry friend can find a well socialized, balanced pet that will be obedient, intelligent and lead a long happy life.



We always advise all puppies are examined by a licensed Veterinarian who has deemed them healthy and ready to go home with the right family. Ensuring that any dog purchased is vaccinated and de-wormed will allow peace of mind for owners. Prices for certain dog breeds will vary depending on availability and the type of dog. It is also important to consider when litters are born and the recommended timing for when puppies are available to take home, ensuring they are mature enough.

Dogs can be very intelligent pets. They are smart enough to understand our mood and can be easily trained to understand certain commands. Buying a new puppy can be a huge new commitment but also very rewarding to take a new life and raise it to be healthy, happy and a good companion. We hope you like the animals we have available and we hope they like you too!

You can easily hop on over to one of our breed-specific pages and find a local breeder in Adelaide. If you’re still trying to decide on which breed to bring into your home, have a browse through our pages.

A list of Adelaide Dog Breeders are set out below:


French Bulldog

German Shepherd

Golden Retriever